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Elementary Progressive Studies set 2

Elementary Progressive Studies set 2
Autor:Kinsey, Herbert
Dodání:Obvykle posíláme do týdne
Katalogové číslo:AB 2162
Vaše cena s DPH:275,00 Kč
Gr. 1-6
Arr.: Margaret Banwell

1. For Finger Facility and legato Crossing of the Strings
10. For developing quickness and firmness in Changing the Bow
11. Detached and Martelé Bowing
12. For Syncopation and Accuracy of Rests
13. Extension of the 4th Finger
14. Double Stopping
15. Chromatic Intervals
16. Irregular placings of the Fingers
17. Finger Facility and Legato Crossing of the Strings
18. Half Position
19. 3rd Position throughout
2. Martelé Bowing at the Point
20. 1st and 3rd Positions. Open String Shifts only
21. 1st and 3rd Positions. Open String Shifts only
22. 1st and 3rd Positions. Portamento
23. 1st and 3rd Positions. Scale Passages
24. 1st and 3rd Positions. Detached Bowing
3. For developing Suppleness of the Wrist
4. Spiccato Bowing
5. Arpeggio Study
6. For Mordents
7. Preparatory Exercise for Chromatic Scales
8. For the further development of martelé Bowing at the Point
9. Trills
Elementary Progressive Studies - Set II: 1st and 3rd Positions
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